Sunday, August 27, 2017

I believe

I believe everything in your life happens for a reason. My Nana always says "we are who we are, and that's who we are." It's weird to think about things this way. Are we born the same person we are now? Every situation happens for a reason. A lot of times when something happens that we don't like we think "why would this ever happen to me?". The truth is we wouldn't be who we are now without all the things that have happened in our lives.

If even the slightest difference was made in our lives, would we be the same person? Of course not! We wouldn't have the experiences that we have now. Therefore we wouldn't have the same knowledge. We wouldn't know to stay away from certain situations. We wouldn't know to trust or not trust certain people.

A lot of times we make decisions based on previous decisions. Without those same experiences we might not make the same decisions. You might say "well duh everyone knows that." However, our personalities and morals are also linked to our experiences. How can that be though? Think about it.

If we were born into a different family, our parents could have taught us completely different things. Therefore, we would have different morals. Those same morals would affect our decisions that we make from there on out. That's crazy to think about right? Even the things we can't help, like what family we are born into, effect every decision we make.

Our personality makes us who we are, right? Would we have the same personalities without everything that has happened in our lives? I don't believe so. If we never experienced a broken heart or a failure. We would trust everybody and always see the good in everything. However, most of the time we have seen bad in our lives, at least once. That's why we get scared in certain situations and feel anxious about certain things. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is to make us who we are.

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  1. I like your take on this potential cliche - "Everything happens for a reason" is often interpreted as fatalistic, like we are meant for something and these past things happen to help us fulfill our fate. Your take though, is different, if we can fall in love with the person that we are, then we can accept the difficult past events we've experienced as a part of that person.

    It's harder, though, for someone who DOESN'T LIKE where they've ended up. How would your belief work for the drug addict? the homeless person?

    As far as your response, I really wish there were one or more SPECIFIC stories about YOU and YOUR EXPERIENCE that help to exemplify this. Right now, you talk in generalizations about US, and WE, but only mention your own particulars once ("my Nana").

    One of the big questions in physics is "why this universe?" --There are several universal constants (the weak electron force, the plank length, etc) that if they were just a TINY BIT DIFFERENT, then our universe couldn't exist. So physicists try to figure out WHY it turns out that these constants worked out SO PERFECTLY to create planets and suns and humans. To get past this, many have introduced "the anthropic principle", which pretty much says, as you do, that if the constants hadn't been the way they are, we wouldn't be around to ask "why are these constants the way they are?"